Teaching Aspiring Motorcycle Riders Since 2019

Hawk Mazzotta Moto Camp is dedicated to providing educational training lessons and exciting races to motorcycle enthusiasts. From veterans to aspiring riders, we strive to help anyone who comes to our facility improve their motorcycle skills.

About Our Founder

Hawk Mazzotta has been a professional motorcycle rider since 1998. He has participated in several different types of racing including Roadracing, Supermoto, Flat track, as well as Auto racing.  Hawk has instructed different motorcyclists all over the country. Owning a moto camp has always been his dream. After some encouragement from his then-girlfriend Nina, he decided to make this aspiration a reality.  

Our Facility

Our large motorcycle camp is situated in rural Northern California. The Wildheart Ranch is a short two-hour drive north of Sacramento and 30 minutes south of Redding.  Wildheart Ranch is 21.5 acres of flat land that butts up to the south fork of Cottonwood Creek.  WildHeart ranch has several different tracks to offer including flat tracks, TT tracks, Vet style track, Mini moto track, obstacle course, and access to amazing natural off road riding in the creek!


Hawk's Road Racing Videos

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Learn how to ride a motorcycle and improve your riding skills. For more information about our lessons and racing events, get in touch with us today.